I should be vaccuming…

I got out of work early. This did not preclude me having already been at work and reading Wendy McClure’s book “I’m Not The New Me”   that my friend Stephy sent me in one sitting.  I was kind of torn when I first got it because Stephy said it felt like one of her stories in a voice like mine, and I got a bit uppity about it. Like my voice is MINE dammit! But it wasn’t really like that, it just felt that way, and I really liked the book.

Then I got home early, did some half-assed cleaning, and went online to stalk Wendy McClure a little. Because, frankly, I’m jealous of her, or anyone else that does what they love to do.

And then I went a step further and emailed that to her. Because I am feeling bold and it made me feel like I was connecting instead of just observing somehow.

Back to me, though.

I’m obsessed with doll making lately. It started out with my paper dolls as a kid, and then altering barbie dolls post-highschool (this is where most people say “in college” but I skipped that bit). Then playing with sculpting faces. Then I stopped that because I have this amazing art friend who is always better at everything than me, and she started making dolls for a bit, so somehow to me that meant I couldn’t do it. Which is stupid, but it’s how I felt. But I started realizing that it wasn’t a matter of how good it is, I’m just compelled to teach myself these things, or learn them somehow.

So I’ve been going to different sites and learning about dolls and dollhouses, and I really really like it. I even went to the library and picked up books on it.  Someday, I would love to make a whole dollhouse. Mostly, I think that I can’t aim for that yet, because I would only half finish it, like the crazy quilt that I started like six years ago, still in little squares in my closet.

Anyway, I dug out some of my first attempts, thinking I’ll post them this weekend, so that I can have a visual trail of how my art in that area evolves. But only less pretentious.

I have been coveting these amazingly beautiful pieces of art called Enchanted Dolls. There is no way in hell I could spend a minimum of $1,000 on a doll, but I would love to. You know, or feed hungry people or something.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have to possess every beautiful thing in the world. Possession does not allow you to enjoy beauty more fully. I’m working on that bit. My personal ephemera level is getting lower… I’m throwing away gum wrappers instead of thinking “this is a blue I could use in something, sometime” or pitching the programme to the recital I just went to, because my grandkids will really not care so much about a program printed on a computer. They are not rarities. They are garbage. I have plenty of stuff without adding garbage.

I’ve been throwing away garbage, and making room for dolls…



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. moderatelyinconclusive
    Dec 22, 2009 @ 05:18:11

    Stalking Blogs is an art on it’s own. The more blogs I stalk, the more I find to stalk. I wish there were a job where I could just stalk blogs all day because I would be excellent at that job. I’m amazed by the Enchanted dolls as well and wonder about her process in making them. They are so flawless and beautiful. Alas I don’t have a thousand bucks to drop on a doll…pictures are good right? I agree, it’s not necessary to possess everything beautiful in the world but sometimes it’s really hard to decide if you must possess it or not. Sometimes it takes a trial period for me…..keep it for a while..covet it….then decide I can let it go for something else. This of course relates to scraps of material, yarn, books, and little things most people would consider garbage. What can I say…I find beauty in some strange places sometimes. One mans garbage is another mans treasure 🙂


  2. jordan phoenix
    Dec 28, 2009 @ 02:02:57

    i know what you mean about keeping programs, BUT…
    one day you will be old, and seeing that program will maybe spark a memory for a great story they might otherwis miss out on.
    just sayin ;-p


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