Little Big Planet is Crack

My friends gave me a PS3 and Little Big Planet and I have been playing it every second I can, and it’s been wonderful. The gameplay is simple but challenging, and I totally want to build that world. Everything is felt and buttons and stickers, and it is love.

We went to see Avatar in 3D which was very Fern Gully but really beatiful… I love the dayglo night time world of Pandora that Cameron created for this. Very lovely.

I had my ears re-pierced this week, and it’s always amazing to me how beautiful piercing is. I enjoy the ritual of it, I like the scent of the soap and the salt. I always go to High Priestess Piercing in downtown Eugene because they are the best in the world. Specifically Georg. They are all top notch, but I personally have big hugs for Georg.

So I went with the husband and Gentleman Q and we had a great time talking with the shop girl and looking at jewelry and getting talked into more piercings (yeah, he really twisted our arm: “Want to do this?” “YES”) and then I was sooo tired. All the endorphins lead to a very sleepy Cupcake.

I have to come up with an alias for my hubby for this site. I was going to go with Mr. Bear, but that would give some people the wrong idea. When I was a kid I loved Little Women, and identified with Jo so strongly. I just feel it should come more naturally somehow… like Gentleman Q did. Maybe it’s just my feelings are complex when it comes to the man I married, so I must be patient. I am open to suggestions, though.

Well, am off to an afternoon of dungeons and dragons!


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  1. sea kareem
    Dec 28, 2009 @ 02:11:31

    I’m thinking the Viking or the Viking Panda… not quite sure, but they just sort of came to mind and they sort of fit, so thought i’d share!


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