Colour and Sensuality

Playing with goache keeps reminding me that I have never posted my trials with Copic markers. I love Copic markers for their pigment and blending ability. It’s been a steep learning curve for me, because I’m so used to the utter blend-ability I have with colored pencils and paint.

This is painfully obvious in my first attempt with these bad boys, Alice:

Note how this fair English rose looks burnt to a crisp. Also, I did not really think through how blendable her eyes were not. I realized that in this case, you really do have to have all the “in between” shades.

So the husband indulged me and bought me some more gradients, and it was much more satisfactory to me, in my little cupcake girl trial:

Thinking this was delightful (but not leaving room on the page for her feet), I undertook a “funner” drawing:

I’m still learning how to blend and minimize streakiness, but it’s definately looking more like what’s in my head. This simple cartoon style is really helping me keep my eyes and mind on the color… it’s easier for me to come up with a basic shape to color.

My friend Teesha has always made me jealous with her grasp on how to color with markers, pencils and crayons. She swears this is from years of copying from, and coloring in, Batman coloring books. You know, for kids. She used to do this all the time in high school. Once, I came in to find her raising hell in our dorm room. Literally. She was doing this diorahma of Dante’s inferno and there were living color tortured people all over our room. This is the same woman who made me paper dolls of her and me for my birthday. Pretty much awesome.

So I have all this colour swirling around in my brain (not the insipid “color” but true “colour”) and I’m reading Anne Rice novels. Right now I’m reading Pandora which is written in some of her most lush prose. It’s such a wonderful assault. This weekend, as a reward for the spring cleaning I’m going to attempt Saturday, I think I’ll put on my favorite scent, curl up in the wonderful robe my mother in law made me, and read Anne Rice while drinking fragrant tea.

Doesn’t that sound lovely?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dad
    Feb 19, 2010 @ 18:28:34

    Wow! Haven’t seen any of your drawing in a looooong time…Really cool!
    Where could I see more?


  2. anarchycupcakes
    Feb 20, 2010 @ 18:55:50

    I’ll be posting some more later today! Thanks, Dad!


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