Pencil Art because I’ve “fallen to the communists”

I’m crampy. I really want to be in bed with a hot watter bottle. But I stayed up really late playing Little Big Planet with my friends from the Boardroom of E-vil, Plotting, and General Mayhem.

I give to my fans who have asked for more art (well, my Dad)… some sketches. Any of the images should be clicked on to enlarge.

Remember when I did that really cute drawing of Alice? Well, I get sick of cute, and wanted to do something more American McGee:

She doesn’t fit on my scanner, nor does the scanner pick up the charm and grades of pencil drawing… or maybe I just don’t know how to get it to do it.

Some more Alice nonesense.

This piece is more recent… I did it this last week. I’m really tragically sad the scanner doesn’t show all the depth I want it to. Argh. I’ll wrestle with it sometime when I’m in a better mood.

I’m going to go eat some spicy organic pickles and snuggle my kitties. Then off to watch Shutter Island… dooly apoynted federal Mahshalls.



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