SoulCollage, Ju Jitsu, and Lazy

What a weekend! I got a lot of painting done, but I’m not really ready to share it, if ever. Mostly dream work in gouache. Also worked on a couple altered book projects, especially one for Jessica I call her “gallery of rogues”.

Annyway, my SoulCollage group was today… I got a lot more pieces started/worked on than what I’m posting here, but these are the only ones that feel like they may be (mostly) finished.

I’ve noticed that the Committee cards are easiest to do to start with… I’m probably going to move on from those soon, though, and challenge myself. Any of these images can be clicked on to enlarge.

The Creative One:

The Nurturer:

The Romantic:

The Critic:

I went down to High Priestess Piercing this weekend to pick up some shell earrings, because it’s spring and I feel fancy. Got to talking with Georg who was recommending ju jitso and muay thai to the guys, and got pretty interested in it myself. I think that I’m going to move my entertainment budget to that right away… at least try out the spectrum.

Too lazy to be tired,



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  1. moderatelyinconclusive
    Apr 11, 2010 @ 23:25:55

    it’s APRIL update your blog my love!


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