Vacation, Sculpting and Love

It’s been a stressful few months, but I feel like I’m coming in to the home stretch. I’m taking this summer to re-evaluate my priorities. I’m on vacation until tomorrow and I’ve already gotten enough done

Today I took advantage of being home alone to sculpt. I’ve been thinking about and doodling this lady who is awkward looking, but fabulous in her own right. I woke up this morning and had this idea of doing a bust of her, with feathers and real jewelry.

Fabby Lady

I need to bring my pieces to my bff Jen and have her photograph them. The iPhone camera totally doesn’t capture the nuance and painted details.

It was recently my anniversary, and the husband took me out and purchased me owl jewelry and wrote me a haiku. Love love!

I’m endevoring to write multiple times a week… so check back for more posts!

Don’t forget to breathe,



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