The Quiet

It’s so good to have everything QUIET. Which is kind of misleading to say, because when the tv and iPod are off, I hear so many things. My kitties padding around, the washing machine, the traffic and nature outside… my own thoughts.

This was all sort of precipitated by a book by Dr. Archibald D. Hart called “Thrilled to Death“. I picked it up at the Christian Outlet in the mall, a place I had never been in before. The book is about anhedonia, the overloading of the pleasure center in the brain to the point it can no longer experience pleasure. The title just spoke to me, and a few chapters in I’m really digging his approach.

Usually I’m doing a lot of things at once. I’m watching Netflix, beading necklaces, texting and reading. My attention is never on just one thing at a time. I’ve been feeling my whole body and imagination atrophy and fail, and I think it’s because I try to do so much, and experience so much, instead of just enjoying the journey. We went to Sahalie Falls with a friend earlier this week, and it was just such a beautiful time. It was very simple, a gentle hike downhill and then up, enjoying the green, the woodland creatures, the sharp air in our lungs. My friend, the Fabulous Jose, asked me if I felt cleansed by the hike, and I told him beyond cleansed I felt a deeper sense, purification.

The husband and I have been trying to go to bed earlier. I understand from other things I’ve read that your brain needs to not look at a tv or computer screen for two hours before bed. Both he and I need to read before bed, or we have trouble sleeping. So, we get into bed, talk about our day, read, pray, snuggle, read scripture to each other or read snatches of our books. We’ve been sleeping better, slowly but surely, with this extra time.

So today I’m drinking my PG Tips, reading Thrilled to Death, naked by David Sedaris, and The Lightning Thief by Riordan. Maybe later I’ll craft some. Hubby and I have to take our poor kitty to the vet later as well.

Oh! I almost forgot… my project from yesterday:

The Blue Hair

the sounds of silence,



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