Make-Up and Muse-ic

The whole bottom floor of my townhouse is now not just cleaned, but organized. Organized in the good way of being not hard to keep on top of. This weekend I will tackle the upstairs, because if I don’t, it will leak into the downstairs. The kitties are enjoying the new found space and keep jumping on things just because they can.

Buster has this new wonderful trick of meowing from 5:30 AM until I come downstairs, just to let us he’s alone and he doesn’t like it. “I’m Buster, and I’m here… Affirm Me!” It would be very cute, if it weren’t waking us up.

I’m excited/daunted of going after the sewing/craft room. I want the space to be more usable. I have this dream of finishing my first crazy quilt and a few other quilts this fall, so I need things to be super accessible and easy to clean if I’m going to take up something that daunting. I’m going to pick up a lap embroidery hoop from St.Vinnies as well. Anyone want to start a sewing bee?

I’m going to Florida in a week for the Day Job. I’m using it as an excuse to get a hair cut, upgrade my cosmetics, and sharpen up my wardrobe. For me, it’s a side of expression and creativity I haven’t really tapped into in a while. It makes me miss my dreadlocks and wish I could get more tattoos. I think a lot of people forget that hairstyles and makeup are forms of body modification, even if they aren’t permanent, and that they don’t have to be extreme to be expressive. I enjoy finding a balance between my professional life and my creative side, and let them inform each other.

Actually, my leg tattoo is being designed by Larie at the High Priestess Annex. I love the rough draft she texted me… it’s an art noveaux take on a claddaugh design with forget me nots. I’m already in love with it. The hubby will get a similar tattoo, but with ivy leaves instead of the flowers. My beautiful Jen just got her cherry blossom tattoo and it’s making me antsy for mine!

The gym is actually having a really positive effect on me. The people watching, the kind of zoning and stress relief it affords me. I’ve been loading my iPod with worship music, and jamming out… it makes the time on the elliptical machine go pretty quickly! I’ve noticed hubby and I get along better, are less short, when we’ve been at the gym. Listening to worship music is bringing my inner muse back, something I desperately needed. So far the list includes Misty Edwards, Molly Williams, John Mark McMillan, and Waterdeep.

I’m having a hard time updating my iPhone. I’m trying to find a solution that will not require me uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, because it will be no fun backing up my purchases.

I am full of tilapia, polenta and broccoli, and am going to indulge in a little t.v.

dreaming of ink and needles,



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