A little pre-fall ramble

Mmm, Saturday massage is SO GOOD.  It makes me sleepy though, and now I’m not going to get crafting until the evening, and go to bed way too late.

It’s starting to be autumny, but not cold/crisp enough yet.  I’m deliberating over what I want to do for Halloween/Thanksgiving crafts.  I know for sure that I don’t want to go the horror route for Halloween, looking at something more Victorian I think.  Actually, just googling images of “victorian halloween” is my new favorite thing.

I know I want to use owls, cats, and pumpkins (of course). I think maybe I will make some 50’s style paper chains, and maybe bust out the paper mache in a few weeks.  I’ll post pictures as I go.

I need to figure out my halloween costume, and start being serious about Christmas gifts, and plot my Christmas card.

On top of all that, I’m starting to do my reading toward becoming a doula, eventually to go back to school to be a nurse midwife.  It’s a lot of work with delicate timing, on top of the fact that I’m still working The Job.  It’s sometimes overwhelming at times, but just the knowledge that I’m making progress is helping me get through each week.

My friend Nena, by the way, makes these AMAZING hair fascinators and hair falls.  They’re up for sale at the Metamorphosis Healing Space on Highway 99 in Eugene.  I already have one of her feather pieces, and wire wrapped crystal jewelry and I heart them.

Time to go read Sandman,



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