Stuffies, Fingerpuppets and Coping

So, I’m not sure why all my time off has been unhappy lately.  There’s a lot of stress going on for both my hubby and myself.  So never being someone who copes with anything too well, I’m looking for ways to de-stress and cope… and that means more art and music!

So, here’s a few of the things I’m doing for this Christmas:

First, I hand sewed these little felt finger animals from a pattern I found.  They looked like a simple enough project, but they are really time consuming little buggers.

Next, all the nieces are getting Boo-boo Bunnies:

They are made out of washcloths and are super easy to make.

I’m also making some mini stuffies for playsets:

I’ve also started on what I call “the great kiddie quilt adventure” but I’m not sure how that will go… more on that later.

Still debating whether to make dough, fabric, or mixed media ornaments this year.

Other than holiday mandated crafting, I’ve been really into my art jounal.  I’ve started it very basic, actually using mostly crayola products and not trying to get to artsy fartsy to start with.  It’s been a journey of color for me so far, using a lot of bright glossy primary colors.  Debating whether I want to post any of them.

I also filled my fountain pen with sepia ink which is so perfect for my autumn cheer.  Looking forward to writing stories, sketching and journaling.  Maybe I’ll make a special book in celebration as well!

I’m pretty much just focusing on what The Job gives me, instead of what it takes from me, and trying not to be too invested.  I like the work I do, and it’s paying for me to follow my dreams, and it puts food in our mouths and keeps rent paid, and for that I’m really thankful.  I think if I can keep those things in my head and move along with what I enjoy and not get depressed I’ll be fine.

Speaking of which, I’ve started my reading for my Doula certification, which I’m super excited about. I’m not sure how that’s going to play out in the timeline, but I’m excited nonetheless.

It’s almost Jack and Sally time,



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