On British Comedy, tea, and the remedy for the in between times…

So I’m in horrible limbo right now, in between a lot of opportunities for both the hubby and myself.  We both tend toward depression, so it’s been so important to keep our heads up.

Television is never enough of a diversion.  I’ve been reading Anathem by Neal Stephenson, Focault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco, and just finished “Go Ask Alice”.  Go Ask Alice was a trifle disappointing,  if you want to read about dissipated youth, anything by Phoebe Gloeckner is way more authentic feeling.  Eco, as usual, is causing me to look up every few words… great for my vocabulary, slow going in general.  Anathem is slowly picking up and is a worthy read thus far.

I’m fiending to get my hands on Stephen Fry’s new book.

I’ve been watching A Bit of Fry and Laurie,  some Keeping Up Appearances and other sundry BritComs.  It’s about the time of year where I bust out Spaced.  Also watched Believe: The Eddie Izzard story on Netflix… SO GOOD.  I  ❤ Eddie Izzard. Yes.  Something is beautiful about drinking tea, eating marmolade on toast and watching British comedy. The world is better for it.

I have also been crafting.

Fun with a glue gun

Nena came over and I figured out what to do with all the trimmed selvages.  Also, we had previously thrift shopped and found a beautiful brocade table runner, now almost two purses:

Table runners to purses... glamour!

Other than that there are situations afoot that I can’t talk about yet.   I’m hoping to be able to announce them soon.

Also, I really need to begin to consider Christmas cards and my Channukah party…



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