Preposterous List

So I’m not a big person to want to get specific things.   I don’t think I’ve ever made a “Birthday List” or “Christmas List” in my entire life.  But there’s a few things I would never buy for myself that I totally think are awesome.

But it sounded like fun today.

AnarchyCupcake’s Totally For Fun Birthday List:

1. A subscription to Bust Magazine.  I buy them all the time and pay newsstand price.  I don’t know why I’m not subscribed.

2.  One of the Tempest or 12 Night Journals from immortallonging’s etsy.

3. Pretty much anything Steampunk

4.  There is something about this Ruffled Shawl.

5.  I always am looking for beautiful skeins of wool.


That is all.


That was fun,





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