And the promise of sun

So yes, I did not post for the entire month of April.  Bad Blogger, No Jaffa Cakes For You.

Aside from work picking up, I also had a Princess Bride swap over at Craftster that I was cramming for… links to be posted later.  I ended up making a tote bag for the first time ever as well as a Fire Swamp journal and that made me happy indeed.

I also picked up some books on simple living and began to systematically start to simplify my life.  I’ve really experienced some value changes in the last few months that are helping me to have more Wonder and Awe in my life and less stress and anxiety.

The happiest thing about last month was my friend Shale from Metamorphasis Healing Garden and I co-taught a class on how to make your own inexpensive and eco-friendly cleaning products.  We ended up making laundry soap, all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, furniture polish, our version of soft scrub and febreez as well as some carpet powder, and gave recipes for many more.  Not only do I love facilitating learning and love the craftyness of it all, but I love working with Shale.  We’re probably unlikely friends, but we make so much sense together.

So, I have some lemon balm already (mostly) in the ground, some rosemary, and I’ll be adding more to my little urban plot over the weekend and next week.  I’ve found some people who will share garden space for me in their backyards, and I’m so stoked about being able to plant more than herbs and tomatoes.

This weekend, I promise, I’ll get a picture heavy, recipe linking, glorious post done.  I just wanted to let you all know I’m still alive.




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