Lipstick Dilemmas and Mascara Theology

I have a love/hate relationship with makeup.

Random, right?  This blog is usually not about makeup or hair or nails… and it still isn’t.  I’m getting there.

There’s this memory I have from youth group of this woman with some Serious Makeup going on… like, foundation, blush, blue eye shadow, and perfectly coiffed hair telling this goth girl that she needed to ease back on her black eyeliner and dark lipstick (the only makeup she was wearing) because it was ungodly, and wouldn’t God want her to look sweet?

I have another memory of watching church women discuss Tammy Faye Bakker’s makeup with disdain.  I was very little, and I remember thinking that she looked a bit like a princess and I didn’t understand why people were mean to her.

Sometimes I’m really not into the makeup thing.  I like it, but I’m not someone who needs it to leave the house. Sometimes I’m super girly and go on Youtube and figure out what I want to try and Full Face Makeup.  I have thrown out every cosmetic I own, and I have spent $50 at MAC without batting a well mascara-ed eyelash.  Usually, I feel very passionately on the subject of grooming and makeup.. namely I feel you should do what you want on that front.

RuPaul Charles said that “We’re born naked and the rest is drag”, and that’s pretty true.

Recently I visited this young, hip church in the area, and was reminded at how church culture has a Look, and how much you stick out if you don’t adhere to that Look.  I don’t know that the Look itself is bad, but I don’t know that it’s super genuine either. Maybe I’m too judgy about a Look that I don’t fit into.

This is all roiling around in my head because Self Care is such an important practice, and for me sometimes that means not spending any time on hair and makeup and focusing outside myself, and sometimes that means makeup and taking some time to take stock of myself and express myself creatively.

Makeup to me is like painting.  It’s not about anything other than creativity.  However, I have an awareness that it has an association with vanity, pride and selfishness. Is the medium really the message in this case, or is it possible to have a relationship with Appearance that is not too severe on either side?

Then, there’s an ethical component.  Are we using things to make us beautiful or even express ourselves that are slowly killing us, or our planet?  Trying to find even a basic cleanser without microbeads or a plastic base in it is becoming nearly impossible, unless you shell out for organic good quality products… and then one has to ask if that money is well spent?

Is paint a waste of money?  If not, is paint for your face a waste of money?

There is a lot to be said for humility and meekness, but are we using that to stifle?  There’s a lot to be said for the fact that “man looks at the outward appearance”, but are we using that to justify?

Am I going to come to a conclusion about balance once again?

Or am I going to decide that it doesn’t matter as long as I do what seems right before God for me?

Perhaps I just put a little more mascara on, and remember Tammy Faye, who was beautiful and didn’t need all the makeup… but more importantly was kind and creative and loving.


Those Little Dutch Butter Cookies Are Addicting.

On top of being addicting, they are also, sadly, gone.

Which means I should probably de-carb prior to Christmas.  But SOOO GOOD.

The night hours are really messing me up.  I am not looking forward to switching back to an earlier shift later on, because the initial change has been a little rough.  I’ve been doing a lot of hand sewing.  I’m making stuffies for the children of friends, and it’s good easy work to do while watching documentaries and eating leftover pho.

Also, have been working on the drop spindle to make gorgeous blue wool yarn.

I miss my nosering,




Finally, Tattoo Pictures

The idea was,  hubby and I would get “matching” tattoos for our first year anniversary. While we didn’t do them the actual anniversary day, we did have them done a month ago, by Larie at the Annex Tattoo in Springfield. She is AMAZING.


We had claddagh centers done, but I went for a forget-me-not band, while hubby chose some Irish ivy.

my pretties

 She really worked with us to get exactly what we wanted, and just is so great to spend a few hours with, I highly recommend her to anyone. you can find her shop on the High Priestess Piercing website.  Isn’t the line work gorgeous? Even without color, I can’t tell you how happy I am with these.

This angle makes my calf look fat, but I don't care.


Can’t wait for color,


A brief post

Finally had my hair cut today, and am super happy with it. I love it when a stylist talks with you on a creative/aesthetic level and not just “show me what you want in a magazine”. Between the haircut and totally making out at the thrift stores this week, I’m super stoked for my trip. I love finding items that really express you and aren’t just what’s expected.

Waiting for the Banana Yoshimito book Sabrina recommended to come in from the warehouse, currently reading Sex, Drugs and Coco Puffs by Chuck Klosterman that I picked up at Barnes and Noble while I was there ordering the other book. Also while I was there I fell further in love with the Nook. It will never replace physical books for me entirely, but it will definitely help me out a bit. I haven’t gotten one yet, but I’m sure there’s Nooks in hubby and my future.

I will probably have more to say later in the weekend. Right now it’s too hot to think about much.

going to sit by the pool,


Make-Up and Muse-ic

The whole bottom floor of my townhouse is now not just cleaned, but organized. Organized in the good way of being not hard to keep on top of. This weekend I will tackle the upstairs, because if I don’t, it will leak into the downstairs. The kitties are enjoying the new found space and keep jumping on things just because they can.

Buster has this new wonderful trick of meowing from 5:30 AM until I come downstairs, just to let us he’s alone and he doesn’t like it. “I’m Buster, and I’m here… Affirm Me!” It would be very cute, if it weren’t waking us up.

I’m excited/daunted of going after the sewing/craft room. I want the space to be more usable. I have this dream of finishing my first crazy quilt and a few other quilts this fall, so I need things to be super accessible and easy to clean if I’m going to take up something that daunting. I’m going to pick up a lap embroidery hoop from St.Vinnies as well. Anyone want to start a sewing bee?

I’m going to Florida in a week for the Day Job. I’m using it as an excuse to get a hair cut, upgrade my cosmetics, and sharpen up my wardrobe. For me, it’s a side of expression and creativity I haven’t really tapped into in a while. It makes me miss my dreadlocks and wish I could get more tattoos. I think a lot of people forget that hairstyles and makeup are forms of body modification, even if they aren’t permanent, and that they don’t have to be extreme to be expressive. I enjoy finding a balance between my professional life and my creative side, and let them inform each other.

Actually, my leg tattoo is being designed by Larie at the High Priestess Annex. I love the rough draft she texted me… it’s an art noveaux take on a claddaugh design with forget me nots. I’m already in love with it. The hubby will get a similar tattoo, but with ivy leaves instead of the flowers. My beautiful Jen just got her cherry blossom tattoo and it’s making me antsy for mine!

The gym is actually having a really positive effect on me. The people watching, the kind of zoning and stress relief it affords me. I’ve been loading my iPod with worship music, and jamming out… it makes the time on the elliptical machine go pretty quickly! I’ve noticed hubby and I get along better, are less short, when we’ve been at the gym. Listening to worship music is bringing my inner muse back, something I desperately needed. So far the list includes Misty Edwards, Molly Williams, John Mark McMillan, and Waterdeep.

I’m having a hard time updating my iPhone. I’m trying to find a solution that will not require me uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, because it will be no fun backing up my purchases.

I am full of tilapia, polenta and broccoli, and am going to indulge in a little t.v.

dreaming of ink and needles,


Little Big Planet is Crack

My friends gave me a PS3 and Little Big Planet and I have been playing it every second I can, and it’s been wonderful. The gameplay is simple but challenging, and I totally want to build that world. Everything is felt and buttons and stickers, and it is love.

We went to see Avatar in 3D which was very Fern Gully but really beatiful… I love the dayglo night time world of Pandora that Cameron created for this. Very lovely.

I had my ears re-pierced this week, and it’s always amazing to me how beautiful piercing is. I enjoy the ritual of it, I like the scent of the soap and the salt. I always go to High Priestess Piercing in downtown Eugene because they are the best in the world. Specifically Georg. They are all top notch, but I personally have big hugs for Georg.

So I went with the husband and Gentleman Q and we had a great time talking with the shop girl and looking at jewelry and getting talked into more piercings (yeah, he really twisted our arm: “Want to do this?” “YES”) and then I was sooo tired. All the endorphins lead to a very sleepy Cupcake.

I have to come up with an alias for my hubby for this site. I was going to go with Mr. Bear, but that would give some people the wrong idea. When I was a kid I loved Little Women, and identified with Jo so strongly. I just feel it should come more naturally somehow… like Gentleman Q did. Maybe it’s just my feelings are complex when it comes to the man I married, so I must be patient. I am open to suggestions, though.

Well, am off to an afternoon of dungeons and dragons!