Nice to meet you 2015… shall we be friends?

There are times where I am just tired of the constant motion of life.

Usually this frustrates me and I fight it and it increases.  This week I’ve tried a new tactic and let myself off the hook. What this looks like is lounging with kitties playing video games on New Years day instead of packing up Christmas, organizing and reading.  All things that I enjoy, that must happen… but the momentum they create was a more exhausting prospect than the execution.

New Year’s Eve I took a bath and decided it was time to have a little luxury.  I cleaned the bathroom,  lit a guava candle,  poured the hottest bath I could, dropped in a Lush bath bomb,  slapped a face mask on, and read the first chapters of “Yes, Please” by Amy Poehler.  It was lovely.

While in the tub, I promised myself that I would treat myself gently, and that I would practice some self care in January.  I really believe that self care is important when you have people to serve…and I do.  My mother in law is coming to town to recover from a hip surgery in a few days,  work is amping up, and this community has a lot of people who are in need.

I want to be kinder this year,  to be more connected spiritually,  to practice humility, and to truly enjoy successes.

My intentions this year are to carve out more time alone with G-d,  to drink more water, to practice yoga regularly,  to find ways to be kind,  to create less waste, to send more packages and letters. I feel these are all do-able.

Be kind to yourself, reader.  Serve G-d, serve others and remember to accept love. ❤


Froggy Fog and Evening Fug

You know what? The leaves have started to turn.

When I was a little girl, I remember my daddy trying to put me down for a nap. I think this was probably not an easy chore because even as a small child I suffered from Fear Of Missing Something.  Anyway, he was telling me that someday we’d live in a place with trees and rivers and something I though was “frog”.

Which was confusing, because even though we lived in the desert in Arizona, there were frogs.  Tons of frogs, after a thunderstorm.

I knew that some words looked or sounded the same but had different meanings, and I don’t remember why I didn’t ask about it.  Maybe his soothing storytelling voice was working its magic and making me sleepy.

What my father had said was actually “fog”.

Today is foggy, the leaves are tinged with orange, and as I finish my lunch break at work, I’m having some FOMS.  There’s all sorts of things that I’d like to do, that I will be too tired to do when I get off work.

I have started to suspect that the reason I’m so tired after work is because almost the first words I utter upon getting home is “Wow, what a long day… I’m tired!”  After that proclamation, everything I have to do seems to be in the way of my prime directive: being in jammies and reading.

The first glimpse I had of this being the underlying cause instead of actual fatigue was last week, when I got off work and the first thing I said was “I’m so excited about making lamb!”  See, Trader Joe’s had lamb on sale, and even though it was a little fancier than my budget usually allows, I had scored the rest of my list for fairly cheap.  So I’d bought lamb and then perused Pinterest for the perfect recipe to try.  I found this one, and knew exactly how I wanted to change the recipe.  I was so so so excited.  The meal turned out lovely, and I was so happy afterwards, I had a burst of energy and got some chores done, while singing.  Then I put together a little something fun for a friend.  Then, finally it was time for jammies!  I say finally, because usually getting out of work clothes (read: regular clothes, my job ain’t fancy) and bopping around in my jammies all evening.

Since then I’ve had up days and down days, but a pattern has emerged… how I declare myself at the end of the workday helps.  Not hashing through every single annoying thing in my day helps.  Singing helps.  The Evening Fug can be translated to Delight, with less work than I thought.

I sound a little annoying with the whole declaration of positivity thing, even to myself, but I can’t deny that it works.

Almost Autumn For Reallies,


Simplicity is sometimes complex at first

So first update, I lost 2 pants sizes in the last couple months!  Makes me super happy, and worth the lifestyle change… I’m keeping it up!

Also, been on a massive simplifying process at my house,  trimming down my householding expenses while making things more eco friendly. So far, I’ve made:

Laundry Soap


Shaving Lotion

“Febreeze” like stuff

“Soft Scrub”

Window Cleaner

General Disinfectant Cleaner

Carpet Powder

It’s a lot of initial work, but the keep-up is totally easy, and it’s worth it.  Most of these items use the same four or five ingredients, and I like that I can scent them however I like.  My house smells like Rosemary Lavender Lime whenever I clean.  It’s AMAZING, and makes it feel like my home.

I hung up my “inspiration collage” up in my bedroom.  It’s pinker than I’d think something that inspires me would be.  It makes me calm and happy at the end of my day,  with either rainforest incense burning, or lavender vanilla oil in the candle heater thingy all snuggled down in quilts… it’s a good time for refection.

Today I harvested some lemon balm from my little herb garden and did some folk method tincture which is soaking up in the cupboard. I can’t wait to do more, and hopefully it won’t be folk method (actually it wouldn’t have been today, except my scale is out of batteries).  I don’t think most of those herbs will come from my garden this year, as I didn’t quite think big enough and the rain/cold has kept it from getting as prolific as it has in the past.  Half my garden isn’t even really planted/potted yet… hopefully tomorrow.

Herbalism class is starting to pick up a bit, really enjoying the energetics and botany of it all.  Next week is farm week and I’m looking forward to it.

I know I need to do a post with recipes/photos… so maybe tomorrow!  Or, er… later today as it’s one a.m. and I need to turn off the tv and get to sleep.

What a weekend,